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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> up next, money for sex. an aberdeen officer accused of soliciting sex from minors. >> the shooting death of trevan martin in florida. >> a question regarding the new health care policy. >> and you could be the winner. the numbers from last night's mega-million jackpot. saturday saturday starts now. -- "11 news saturday morning" starts now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. jennifer has the weekend off. i did not play the lotto. >> i did not. >> i thought it was the powerball. >> when i checked my number, i win.
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well, john? >> we didn't break a record. we missed it by a degree. it hit 81 for the high yesterday. and it is march. i have to keep reminding myself of that. it is march. there is a storm coming in. it is going to change the landscape a bit. we need rain. we haven't had a significant rain since march 3. get your grass growing sooner. it has already greened up already. we have a few spotty showers around. thunder and lightning out near frederick. also down in the lower eastern shore. i saw a couple flashs when i was coming in in the car. there is a band in virginia and maryland. the band will be going up and
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with us for a whithe -- awhile. the forecast ahead. >> a military officer from aberdeen proving ground. officials say he solicited two minors for sex. >> jason shepherd is facing several charges this morning for offering the two girls, ages 13 and 16 years old, money for sex. sheldon dutes has more. >> police say the two girls, 13 and 16 years old were offered money for sex. one ran away and reported it, which eventually led to a cross-country arrest. >> police say it is an unusual case. >> it is the first time i have experienced it. >> it is rare to have someone come from out of state, commit a crime, and leave. >> the issue happened in a california neighborhood where the 13 and 16-year-old girls were walking to school. that's when lieutenant jason shepard pulled up and allegedly
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offers them money for sex. after the alleged incident one of the girls ran to a nearby school to report what happened. police were able to track down shepard's rental car. >> the photographic line-up was presented to the victim, and the victim was able to positively identify that person. an arrest warrant was urebed. >> one of our detectives flew to virginia, picked him up, and brought him back where he was booked into the county jail where he faces a felony and misdemeanor charge. >> abteen has confirmed -- aber deane has confirmed he is stationed there. >> this morning, investigators
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want to know who is behind a prank. it happened friday morning on the second floor of the holiday inn express. police say a broken sprinkler system flooded several rooms and the guest was contacted by a text from the person was tricked into breaking the sprinkler system. at this time no charges filed. >> we're told that several residents noticed an unattended backpack inside a parking garage in the post office. everything is deemed safe and the area has reopened. >> in session 2012, a rare saturday workday is planned for the house and senate.
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both are in hurry-up mode. the house approved a balanced budget plan different from the one that passed the senate. it includes personal tax increases and shifting the cost of eacher pensions. friday's vote sets the stage for a conference between the two chambers to happed hammer out an agreement. >> number one, the budget is balanced. number three, hopefully for the fifth year in a row, we'll have the best public school system in the united states of america. the house also passed a bill to double the -- tax. >> the senate plan would begin with the 2016 elections. right now baltimore city council members are elected in off years
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from gubetorle and presidential contests. the measure now moves to the house. >> primary day is still less than two weeks away, but early voting begins today. analysts predict strong turnout by registered republicans. we have close to a million here in baltimore. here's kate amara with more. >> friday afternoon crews were setting up the last of five voting sites in baltimore city. 1-46 locations statewide. >> it seems there has been a trend each time early voting increases. people have flexibility to choose. >> this is maryland's first presidential contest with early voting. it begins saturday and runs through thursday. baltimore city's elections
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director says he'll see a total turnout of up to 30%. >> i think because of one race being uncontested, it is going to make numbers low. >> the democratic ticket could suppress turnout and nationwide the republican presidential primary is considered luke warm at best. >> but as the delegate hunt heats up, or solidly blue state is getting a second look from the g.o.p. hopeful. >> the more the merrier. >> mit romney held a rally in arbutis, newt gingrich will be here tuesday, and ron paul will be in college park next week as well. >> it is not a colossal prize like texas, california, or florida, but it is still very significant. >> kate amara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> maryland's 46 early voting centers are open from 10:00 to 8:00 every day, except on subpoenaed when locations are
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open noon to 6:00. >> imagine you are driving down the highway when the back of an armored truck opens, and money starts pouring out. i know what i would do. fight right there. police say an armored truck lost cash and coins along i-270 totaling about $5,700. by the time these cars got to the scene, 30 drivers have -- had stopped to get fistfuls of cash. >> give me your money, rob. >> yeah, right. >> the cash option $207.8 million. people lined up hoping to pick the lucky numbers. the jackpot has been rolling since january when a winning ticket was sold in college park a, georgia. >> my hopes are to hit something.
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i hope to win something. >> i can pay off bills, college money for the grandson, and i might even throw girlfriend here a couple dollars. >> oh! >> grab your ticket. time to see if you are a winner. 6, 17, 19, 20, 21, the mega-ball, 20. >> i didn't play. >> i did. >> a million years ago, the late chris thomas was here on the set reading as he went. forget it, i'm going to quit. came back, hey, boss, i didn't really win. all those things i said, i'm sorry. and the time is 5:09. >> it is warm. >> it is warm. ahead on medical alert, saming to ensure kids receive dental care in maryland. >> and the cost to repair
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baltimore's bascillica. but the news isn't all bad. >> first, you are looking at a live picture outside. john has your insta-weather plus forecast. stay with us. "11 news saturday morning" is "11 news saturday morning" is just getting started. hundreds more in youwallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> it hasn't started raining yet in town. if you have been outside, you have seen a couple lightning flashes. there are thunderstorms even to the south of us down in the central portions of the bay in the lower eastern shore. you can see the rain activity in salisbury. even a lightning bolt across the bay from us here in baltimore. these are widely scattered storms. farther west in west virginia and western maryland, there is a
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pretty good line of rain showers. then west of that, out in ohio and eastern kentucky, another line of showers. that won't be all of it. we have a bit of a haze. nothing is ads extensive. our temperatures are mild. 90% the humidity. it hit 81 at the airport. 81 at the inner harbor. it was a great day yesterday. 56 was the normal high. the record was 82, 1907. we did not tie it, but we were close. just to remind you, 16 was the
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record low on this date in 1934. so that's the other end of the scale. so we're doing fine. warmer out west of the potomac river. here's the center of the storm. although it will be tougher to warm up during the day today. the rain chance stays with us through the weekend. east winds with a one-foot chop on the open waters of the bay. that's the bay forecast.
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the rain chances, as i mentioned, the highest chance for thunderstorm activity is today. rain chances stick with us into sunday. the coolest day will be tuesday with a high of 58. that's still just above arge for the season. we have another rain chance on wednesday. >> well, it will be an expensive fix for the oldest cathedral in the nation. everything was damaged in last summer's earthquake. >> it will cost between $3 million and $5 million to fix. the good news is, they have earthquake insurance. >> for most of us, it was just the ground trump trembling. but for the basilica, that
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caused damage. >> the cracks go straight back through that piece. >> there are over 50 cracks. here you can see where the molding has pulled from the wall. >> you can see where the dirt and other things came through because everything shifted. these cracks are really all over the highest points in the basilica. they will not know until they do a tap test. if it is hallow, they will know they have a bigger problem. if it is not, then they are going to inject it with apoxy and glue. >> the basilica has undergone millions in repairs and renovations in 2004 and 2006. while the basilica is still safe to use, it needs to be repaired. that will cost between $3 million and $5 million. >> the good news is the people that did the restoration is the
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same team that will come back. everybody knows the basilica like the back of their hand. so that's good. >> the job will take eight months and begin in june. the plans are for the basilica to remain open while the job is being done. >> looks good. >> it is a beautiful facility. over 100,000 people come on average per year to visit the basilica. it is gorgeous. >> all right. coming up, which local food market chain announced it will now refuse to sell the @ additive. >> a sneak peek from our basketball documentary, rebounding from loss. >> a howard county high school is trying to rearrive
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>> a new maryland program is aiming to make sure families eligible for dental care take advantage of the opportunity. yesterday elijah cummings joined senator ben cardin to launch the healt healthy peace, healthy kids. the program targets families with children. they aren't taking advantage of it. >> in a state like maryland, as great as it is, in a nation like ours, as great as it is, no mother, no father should ever lose a child to tooth decay. no child in maryland, no child in america should not have access to affordable, quality dental care. >> the campaign is part of a state effort to improve access
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to dental care following the death of demante driver. he died after a -- an infection in a tooth spread to his brain and his mother couldn't find a doctor to treat him after they lost dental coverage. >> scientific research has shown the devastating health effects of smoking, but a group of experts got together and said they do not know the long-term effects of pills of nicotine. >> the term "mystery meat" has a whole new meaning after people became aware of the filler used in ground beef. what exactly is "pink slime"? the term was coined by the federal microbiologists and has been around 20 years.
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the filler is made by excess muscles and tendons, then it is treated by gas to kill bacteria. here's the problem. >> the government cannot track who is getting sick from what because nobody is what is in the particular ground beef they are eating. >> why not label each backage and let customers know what's inside? the f.d.a. said no. it starts with beef and ends with beef. >> don't go away. first a look at events going on around town this weekend. sflue turn left.
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our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $219 a month.
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>> in this culture of march madness, wbal-tv 11 news takes an up-close look at the hoops and dreams of a high school basketball team. tonight at 8:00. called "rebounding from loss" written by deborah weiner. >> leon fleming strives to be two steps ahead of his opponents. the same could be said of his own life in the brooklyn
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townhousing project as he keeps a close eye on his 2-year-old sister and walks her to day care. leon lives lives on the same street where marcus was killed. marcus wants something else. >> i want to get my aa drees degree. >> i wanted someone looking out for me. unfortunately, it was never there. >> leon's mother bought him his first basketball when he was 11, and a love affair began. >> there is such a largeness to leon, even at 5' 7," like allen iverson, whom he adores. >> i want to carry this on. >> leon has emerged into a leader, and probably one of the better point guards in the city.
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>> leon's strides could not have been more visible than in this game. a fall facefirst almost knocked him out. leon got up as teammates began to look for something. for the bottom of leon's two front teeth. >> i didn't know what to do. i was like my team needs me, so i had to stay in. >> leon refused to leave the game. he kept going and going, even as teeth were found. >> here's one. here. >> the bayhawks won that game thanks to leon. still, it was impressive. >> you are tough. >> thanks. >> but you are covering your smile. >> and you can watch the entire documentary, rebounding from loss. "f on "the sixth man" here on
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wbal-tv 11 news. >> 5:28. coming up, a look at our top stories. >> a national outcry for justice. what president obama had to say about the shooting death of florida teen trevan martin.
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning." thanks for being with us. >> our top stories up next. john is with us first. >> we're in another world. >> it is like may. >> our temperatures have been running more like either the end of april or into the middle of may as far as the average is concerned. now, we're going to step back a little. a storm system is moving in. it will knock temperatures down a little bit. even after going into next week, we'll still be above normal by a few degrees on temperatures. so hardly harsh weather. now this morning, the leading edge of this storm system is producing the isolated edge. baltimore is in the middle of the screen. let me circle it here to give you a reference point. we have out here hagerstown a thunderstorm cell. also kingstown, although not
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showing up now, was showing thunder and lightning. that's what it is. there is a little activity around. there is a lot more rain out to the west that will come in. it will take all weekend for this storm to come through. we have rain chances. temperatures mild. forecast ahead. >> ahead, a high-speed police chase in montgomery county ends in flames killing two people. police say the car had been reported stolen and officers tried to pull it over. the driver sped off triggering a pursuit shortly after 1:00 friday morning. we're told the vehicle struck a tree and burst into flames. two back seat passengers were killed, but the driver and front passenger were rescued. >> sky team 11 was over the scene of a crash in the city. police say the car lost control along west garrison avenue. there is no word on the driver's condition or whether anybody else was inside that car.
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>> criminal charges have officially been filed against u.s. army staff sergeant robert bales in the massacre of afghan civilian. he faces six counts of assault and attempted murder. bales is accused of killing six children and eight adults. he says he has no memory of the crime. he is being held at fort levenworth, and if convicted, could face the death penalty. >> people are enbay bridge raged about the death of trayvon martin in florida. jay gray has the latest from florida. >> hundreds depaured, and at this mime -- hundreds gathered.
5:34 am
protests over the unarmed child shot and killed by george zimmerman. >> if i had a son, he would look bike like trayvon. you know, i think they are right to expect that all of us as americans are going to take this with the seriousness if deserves and that we're going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> georgia's governor has appointed a new prosecutor in the case. >> and san ford police continue their investigation. but without chief bill lee who yesterday under mounting pressure yesterday temporarily resigned. >> the trust that may have existed is gone. so we have to start from ground zero. that's a police department
5:35 am
issue. >> an issue that reached a new peak overnight when as many as 25,000 gathered demanding arrest. >> zimmerman should have been arrested that night. >> he has not been seen publicly since the shooting. administrators have asked zimmerman to stay away because of safety concerns. >> so many with so much concern now in florida and across the country. >> jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> next, the latest on the netfelix audition. >> and a fight gone viral. what the student body has to say about the incident. >> a lot more cloudiness today. we hang on to mild temperatures. the insta-weather plus forecast is just
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>> i pulled the view back to give you an idea of the extent of the storm. sthr are areas of thunder and lightning. one little cell producing some lightning west of ocean city. other activity near frederick. then up around chambersberg virginia and north of that. then in fargo west, there are two other lines of rain showers. not containing thunder and lightning, but they are more substantial as far as the amount of rain in them is concerned. we're going to not see nonstop rain in them this weekend, but it is going to be there.
5:39 am
on again/off again. typical high this time of year is 56. so our mourning lows are warmer than the normal high. at the inner harbor, 61. 90% the humidity. the barometer is way down from yesterday with that storm approaching. we an east wind. yes, march has been an unusual month. so far, on the record books, up to this point in march, we stand at the third warmest on record. two warmer 1921 and 1945. a little warmer than this where our average temperature, and you compute between the highs and lows, 54.5 degrees. which is pretty close to the normal high. on this date. 59 degrees now at annapolis and camebridge. 57 ridgely. in the 50's in western maryland as well. one of the cooler readings in maryland is ocean city where it is 53.
5:40 am
and they are getting a little breeze off the water. the satellite radar and combination. so we have these spotty thundershowers over us. we have more significant rain to our west. a couple bands of that. the storm center itself is over southern illinois. it is going to take all weekend for this to move across our area. so we'll have this threat of rain all weekend long. the map this weekend will show the low pressure centers. they are still trying to move across the mountains. we have a couple fronts in the area as well. it is kind a complex system. it is, again, a slow mover. our forecast, clouds, cooler temperatures. scattered showers and thunderstorms. 65 to 67 with a high easterly wind. insta-weather futurecast shows one band moving in, another moving in. even on sunday we have rain chances. more of a shower situation than thunderstorms. by monday, we dry out. how much rain do we expect? well, generally at least a half inch around the area. that's what the greens indicate. when you get into bluers and
5:41 am
purposes, we're going over an inch of rain. so that's possible, especially to our south. >> forecast, 60's over the weekend for the highs. rain chances high for saturday and sunday. although we might get a few sun breaks on sunday. monday looks great. temperatures in the mid 60's. only near 60 or upper 50's. that will be the coolest day of the week. finish the week out. more rain chances wednesday. >> close to a million people have watched the online video of a student being knocked to the ground by a student. >> tim tooten has follow-up. >> this is the where the incident took place, near the front door of the school. since this happened, school officials have been trying to put it all behind them. it is a 29-second video making headlines around the world. the student defending himself after being attacked by a parent
5:42 am
who showed up on campus to apparently settle a dispute. >> the students are trying to reclaim their positive image. >> everyone is getting over the hype. we know this is not a daily occurrence. everyone is trying to move past it and move on. >> i -- we want people to know we have a roadmap for success. we have achieved excellence and honor and we achieve that every day. >> they praised the staff for how they handled the altercation. >> i speak to my staff, the students, and the community. i would say they are proud. i am proud of the work they do. this one incident does not define who we are. we have to show everybody that we're better than what we are being portrayed as right now. >> when people say did you see that on youtube? i say whatever. we highlight the better things,
5:43 am
did you see the basketball game this weekend? >> everything that happens here will blow over at some point. we are getting over it, and we're just waiting for everybody else to get over it. >> the principal says is he -- >> the police tell us second-degree assault charges are pending against the adult in the video. a 15 a-year-old at the school has been charged with assault. >> st. joe's has a new partner poised to take over when we come back. >> opponents marked a two-year anniversary of president obama's health care law with protests across the nation. >> first, though, here's a look at last night's winning lottery.
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>> st. joseph medical center has a new partner. they are transferring the facility to the university of maryland medical system. st. joseph's has been dealing with a drop in patients after a class-action lawsuit involving stents. >> the health care act is the topic of a presidential campaign as the supreme court prepares to hear oral arguments next week regarding the constitution nalt of the -- constitutionality of the law. steve handelsman has more. >> president obama did not celebrate yesterday. signing what opponents called "obama-care" gave the president a big burden.
5:47 am
even though democrats claim 86 million americans have benefited. >> today no child in america is denied health coverage because of preexisting medical conditions. >> polls show americans divided on the plan. it bans insurance companies from dropping compling, provides free preventative service, and mandates everyone buy in. opponents hate the mandate on principle. >> the federal government -- could the federal government order you to eat carrots? could it order you to quit smoking? >> next week that issue goes to the u.s. supreme court. >> momentum is building for the repeal of barack obama's health care bill. >> more than a quarter billion has been spent on ads. tea partiers took repealed petitions. party head quarters post aid warning. rick santorum vowed he would
5:48 am
shoot the plan down. >> i don't think there is any bigger issue than obama-care. >> i see obama-care as one more example of a president pursuing his attack on economic and personal liberty. >> the white house is pushing back. >> they want to go back to a system where insurance companies , you know, have all the rules on their side. >> as for jobs, it is the biggest issue in the race for the white house. the supreme court with a conservative majority could rebuke president obama or could support him on this huge issue as he runs for re-election. in washington, steve handelsman, wbal-tv 11 news. >> opponents of the health care law protested across the country yesterday, including right here in baltimore. conservatives gathered at a rally downtown calling the law an asalt on religious liberty. >> the whole idea is obama is taking away our freedom of
5:49 am
religion. so we're going to use our freedom of speech to get back our freedom of religion. that's what this is all about. >> the department of health and human services announced in january that all emloyees had to provide contraception coverage to employees. >> well, calling all actors. coming up, auditioning for a movie being filmed here in baltimore. >> i'm pete gilbert. coming up in sports, the ravens have had a busyad turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it.
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turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 passat for $219 a month.
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>> it felt like forever for ravens fans, but it was only 10 days before the ravens got stuff done in free agency. yesterday they worked hard on their special teams.
5:53 am
three players. brandon bidagio. he liked the fact he gets to play rebound as well. and jameel mcclain. three-year, 10-million deal. drafted from syracuse, hits pay dirt. >> i'm trying to secure my future and take care of my family, and this is a small step . what am i going to do? i'm going to spend it right. i'm not going to make it rain. >> obviously it is the tradition of the ravens and how they play. and they win. when it came down to it, i want to come to an organization that
5:54 am
wins, and i felt i can get an opportunity to play and i can dwrow as a player. >> cory grant. how about lacrosse last night. cardinals jumping out to a big league. that goal made it 6-5. to the third quarter. ryan brown pops up for the next goal. conasoga made the trip down from p.a. and made a trip up the score board. again, conastoga came all the way back. number one in the country, number three. a pretty intensive game last night. that's a look at sports. i'm pete towson. i'll see you back here tonight. >> they are filming next month in harford county starring kevin spacey.
5:55 am
an open-call casting this morning. central casting is looking for men and women to fill the rolls. we curg rolls as well as feature rolls for the political thriller . those who come out are asked to wear business attire. the series starts shooting mid april. it is supposed to include 13 one-hour tv episodes, mr. rob roblin. >> let's see. what we have here is a failure to communicate. >> i thu flunked. >> i flunk on this, too. 5:55 here on tv hill. still, here is a look. >> don't call us, we'll call you. >> we have a whole bunch of stuff coming up. >> a local military officer is accused of soliciting sex from minors. how officials were able to track them down. i'm sheldon dutes with that story. >> plus, early voting for the maryland primaries begins today.
5:56 am
the process and the location. >> in the city itself, it is not raining now. it is cloudy. 59 degrees. really mild out there. forecast for rain this weekend just ahead.
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